Assessment For Learning Cycle

Assessment For Learning is the process of gathering information about student learning for the purpose of improving student learning through instruction. Assessment For learning could be further defined as diagnostic and formative assessment. 

The Assessment For Learning Cycle begins with the development of Learning Goals and Success Criteria.

The unit of learning is initially informed by the diagnostic assessment. Teachers then utilize formative assessments for the monitoring of student learning in an on-going manner that allows instructional plans to be adjusted. This section of the ETFO assessment website focuses on formative assessments within the Assessment For Learning feedback loop. It may be helpful to think of the Assessment For Learning feedback loop as divided into: planning effective classroom tasks, gathering evidence, determining next steps, and returning to planning (see the pink section of table Assessment For Learning Cycle).

It is at the end of the unit of learning that a culminating task is completed for evaluative and reporting purposes.

Please explore the links below to explore some helpful hints about the different phases of the Assessment For Learning Cycle and formative assessments. Please note that these helpful hints are only suggestions and are intended to be used as a way to reflect and refine your own effective assessment practices.