Diagnostic Assessment

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Diagnostic assessments allow teachers to determine student readiness level prior to a unit of study. These diagnostic assessments can be formal board approved assessments or can be teacher created such as the following examples from our website:

Diagnostic Assessment on Prior KnowledgeDownloadDownloadDownloadPrimaryFormative & Diagnostic Tasks
Diagnostic Task ChecklistDownloadDownloadDownloadJuniorFormative & Diagnostic Tasks
Baseline Assessment 7 Minute Quick WriteDownloadIntermediateFormative & Diagnostic Tasks

It is our professional responsibility to utilise diagnostic assessments to inform instruction during the school year. As Per Policy/Program Memorandum 155 (PPM 155), teachers use their professional judgement to determine:

  • Which assessments and/or evaluation tool(s) from the board’s list of pre-approved assessment tools is applicable;
  • For which student(s); and
  • The frequency and timeline of the use of the tool.

The following graphic helps illustrate how professional judgement regarding the learning needs of students influences the diagnostic assessment choices.

Diagnostic Assessment Triangle