Effective Classroom Tasks

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The planning of effective classroom tasks requires information from either the diagnostic assessment or the evidence gathered during the last learning task. This evidence will determine what the students need to do or know to further their learning and understanding.

When designing effective classroom tasks Wiggins and McTighe suggest educators ask themselves three key questions:

  • What should students hear, read, view, explore or otherwise encounter?
  • What knowledge and skills should students master?
  • What are the big ideas and important understandings that students should retain?

A helpful graphic organizer for teachers includes:

DO • Period of instruction
(from specifics – highlight skills)
• Course long learning goal
• Period of instruction learning goal
• Success criteria
**list things students need to do**list things students need to know

Once the lesson has been planned, move to the Gather Evidence step to decide how you will be recording student learning.

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