Adjusting Instruction and Feedback

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After gathering evidence using assessment strategies and recording information in assessment tools, the evidence is analyzed using the learning goals and success criteria. Emerging trends are then used to determine next steps for learning. This evidence informs:

  • What further (if any) instruction is needed and with which students?
  • Feedback to students that is specific to the success criteria?

It is important to give students time to use and apply the feedback and monitor their ongoing progress and continue to offer feedback.

The following graphic organizer may be helpful to guide your reflection and organize your thoughts while supporting the planning of next steps:

Targeted InstructionDecide Structure
🔲 Mini-lesson
🔲 Guided practice
🔲 Re-teach
🔲 Whole class
🔲 Small group
🔲 Individual
Provide Feedback
🔲 Timely
🔲 Specific
🔲 Related to success criteria
Questions for Reflection
How will I plan for instruction that will help all students learn?How will my instruction provide multiple and varied ways for students to work with their new learning?How will I adjust my instruction if my students are not learning?How will I use the formative assessment data I collect to provide timely and specific feedback to students?

This is where the assessment-learning cycle begins again, with a new task for continued practice of the skill and related success criteria OR with new skill to further build student understanding and new success criteria.

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